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Below are the services that are offered by Deb through Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre. Please take your time to read through them. When you are ready please click the button that says 'find out if this service is right for you' and schedule a short introductory call with Deb for further information, pricing and times. 

Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre


One on one service

With a holistic approach to Mindfulness, I view the client as a whole, creating customised programs to empower you to overcome your fears and self-doubt, giving you tools and to set meaningful goals to create an extraordinary life you were destined to live. 

I work with clients to overcome life challenges – ranging from anxiety and depression to confidence, emotional overwhelm, self-esteem issues and help to:

  • soothe their inner critic

  • live in the moment

  • develop a better relationship with themselves, 

  • let go of behaviours that no longer serve them

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One on one service

A gentle and compassionate form of therapy which covers your emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects.  A magical journey of self-discovery.

I work with clients to overcome life challenges and help you achieve:​

  • Greater self-awareness and self-acceptance

  • A more peaceful, centred approach to life

  • Greater health and vitality

  • Emotional well-being

  • A deepened sense of spirituality

  • A greater ability to cope with traumas such as domestic violence, grief, abandonment

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One on one service

An Inner Child Healing therapy session will help resolve the childhood emotions and experiences your “inner child” still holds.  With a holistic approach, I create customised programs to support you through this journey while providing a safe and loving environment. 

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Group sessions including schools & communities

Wayapa Wuurrk is an Earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being. Wayapa Wuurrk translates to 'Connect to Country or Earth’. 

Through a combination of:

  • Earth mindfulness

  • narrative meditation,

  •  a series of physical movements of 14 Elements

  • and taking action to look after the environment

Wayapa® provides a sense of belonging to the Earth while creating holistic well-being. Wayapa® is about creating a different lifestyle but for those just starting, it can be done as a 25-minute physical practice, sitting or standing, or as a narrative meditation to slow us right down to sit in the stillness of nature.

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The Sister Circle workshops are created for groups

These workshops are designed to help participants define direction and set intentions to help you create a beautiful life. The workshop covers a variety of topics including building self-esteem, identifying self-care techniques including meditation and connecting with culture in a safe community that promotes love and laughter.

This workshop can be created in:

  • 1-hour workshops

  • 3- hours workshops

  • 6-hour workshops that include lunch

  • Weekend Camping Retreats 

Group sessions

Deb offers different workshops throughout the year that you are able to join.

These are group workshops that focus on a variety of topics including creating a meaningful and purposeful life by defining direction and intentions, developing better self-esteem and self-care techniques, self-development and connecting with culture.

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