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Let me help support your healing

Here at Aunty I's,

Deb focus on Spirit, Connection, Mind and Body healing.

I create personalized one on one program using powerful Energetic Healing transforming your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self to support you through your healing journey that offers you an experience of

Healing, Growth and Embodiment.

So, you can become the highest version of yourself, to live a joyful life.

A magical journey of self-discovery, allowing you to connect to your Soul

and truly live the life you were destined for. 

Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre
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Energetic Healing

One on one service

I work with a range of different modalities.  I have clients who suffer from traumas such as domestic violence, grief, abandonment, anxiety, depression, fears and physical conditions.  

I work on your mind, emotions, body and spirit getting to the root cause of your issue.

The process transfers pure, positive healing bringing about numerous benefits on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Giving you a greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.

A more peaceful, centered approach to life.  greater health and vitality. A deepened sense of spirituality. 

Energetic Healing


All individually 1:1

1 session - $111.00

3 sessions  $299.00

6 sessions - $599.00

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The Women Circle workshops are created for groups

These circle workshops are designed to help you define direction and set intentions to help you create a beautiful life. The workshop covers a variety of topics including building self-esteem, identifying self-care techniques including meditation and connecting with culture in a safe community that promotes love and laughter.

This workshop can be created in:

  • 1-hour workshops

  • 3- hours workshops


Deb offers Healing Retreats throughout the year that you are able to attend.

These Retreats offer a safe, sacred and relaxing environment,

allowing you to connect to your Soul.

Each Retreat is a deeply transformative journey,

incorporating a blend of healings.  

Please click the button below and 

place 'healing retreats' in the message

Deb will get back to you as soon as possible with dates and times.

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