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A safe place for healing and guidance

Aunty I’s is committed to delivering high-quality services for women and girls who are struggling within themselves, through a holistic form of healing - mind, body, spirit & connection. Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre enables you to be empowered and find yourself again, while feeling safe, loved and inspired.

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Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre is an Aboriginal owned and operated business who supports women and girls on their healing journey to help them holistically rebuild themselves and live fulfilled lives.

Deb created Aunty I's Wellbeing Centre after experiencing trauma in her own life and it was through a personal development seminar, that Deb became aware of her calling and had grown a passion, to be empowering & inspiring others by lending her own helping hand.

Holistic Healing

Aunty I’s Wellbeing Centre focuses on holistic healing to help women and girls recover and renew their life.

Deb focuses on a variety of techniques to support the healing process including mindfulness & meditation, workshops, weekends away, Wayapa Wuurrk  and mentoring. 

Deb offers these programs in a culturally safe way making her healing techniques particularly beneficial to Aboriginal women and girls.


Deb also offers programs for women and girls who are hard of hearing/deaf &/or low vision/blind.  


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